You’ve reached the blog spot for the Louisa County Historical Society.  We’ve grown alot since we were first founded in 1966.  Our mission is still the same: to preserve, promote and protect the history of our county.  However, our methods for fulfilling that mission now include  making available online as much information from our archives, collections and current discoveries as possible.  To learn more about us, visit our website at www.louisahistory.org.



  1. I am looking for any and all information on John E. Hall who was married to Ann Spicer. They lived in the Jackson District, Post Office Frederick Hall from around 1870-1930. Ann’s dad was Cornelius Spicer and mom was a Fortune. Ann was buried at Beaverdam Cemetery. also Ann and John had a child named Ann Elizabeth Hall.This Ann married a Durvin, and they had a daughter named Ora Ethel Durvin. She is my great grandmother. I would be so happy for any information about the Durvins, Spicers, Halls, or cemeteries where these people may be buried. Thanks so much!
    Pam Farmer

  2. I am hoping to track down the family home/farm of James W and Louisa Fleshman. They lived on like 200 acres on Harris Creek that he bought from Thomas Dalton in 1832. James W. and Louisa son Benjamin Albert (named after James’s Brother) married Nannie Taylor..they had son Albert Lyle…well my father is Albert L. Fleshman III..so basically he was my 4 great grandfather..something like that.
    I would really like to find old family photos.

    Thanks so much for any help anyone can offer.

    Nikki Fleshman Haborak

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