The Enslaved Community in Green Springs

This page is dedicated to researchers who are working to uncover the names of the enslaved people at the farms in Green Spring:  Bracketts, Sylvania, Ionia, Hawkwood, Green Springs Plantation, Grassdale and more.  They would be descended from people who took the following surnames after the Civil War (and maybe others): Tinsley, Ragland, Johnson, Quarles, Desper, Chapman, Braxton, Carter, Jackson, Brown, Hill, Blackwell, Fontaine.



  1. James Michie left $2,000 for his slaves but did not free any a list can be found at Louisa Chancery 1877-005 pgs 19 & 20 and other pages. Shadrack is Shadrack Michie (45 in 1870). Washington is Washington Michie (65 in 1880). Jack is Jack Michie (55 in 1880). Mima & daughter Ann + 2 others are likely Mima Gibson (70 in 1880 with daughter Ann married to Robert Johnson. Minor is Minor Michie and Victoria is Victoria Michie.
    James Michie’s sister married Ludlow Branham of Boswell’s tavern. Mrs. Branham’s slave list of 1863 is at Louisa Chancery 1873-027 pg 7 & 8. “Susan” is Susan Bow (dau. of Armistead Bow & Eveline) she married Harry Wood, who is Harry on the list. Peachy is Peachy Robinson 30 in 1870. Amanda is Amanda Braxton (43 in 1870) she was the wife of Wesely Braxton (45). Virginia or Jenny is Virginia Brown who m. James Fleming. Bartlett is probably Bartlett Dennis (56 in 1870). Luther is Luther Quarles. Jefferson and Nelson I think are Jefferson and Nelson Jackson (45 & 48 in 1870) There were other people with Jackson surname owned by the Michie’s

    • Thank you, Sam. What a rich entry!

  2. My family’s surname was Jackson to my knowledge Joel and Emma Walton were the people they worked for. It was called the Walton plantation.

    • Michelle, Joel Walton lived in eastern Louisa County…and there are Jacksons there. Do you happen to know what part of the county your ancestors lived in? Elaine Taylor, Museum Director

  3. Have you tried notifying Black churches in Louisa + Spotsylvania Counties of the surnames you’re researching?

    • Oh yes…in fact we have held three training sessions hoping to get members there engaged in finding their family connections. If you know of a church that might like to be a part, please let them know and have them contact us at 540-967-5975 or louisahistory@verizon.net

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