We’ve just started created digital versions of the very best articles from our 40+ years of magazine issues.  We’ll keep adding titles, but here are some you might find interesting.  We include the issue title pages for reference.

Are they downloadable for free?  Absolutely.  Our mission is to share Louisa County’s history every way possible.

Do they cost money to create?  Again, absolutely.  Continuing to staff and operate our museum is dependent on the contributions of those who value what we do.  If you find these articles of interest, won’t you consider sending us a donation?

Articles (You will be directed to our digital archive site which we invite you to explore!)

The Genesis of Louisa County

Princess Louisa: Louisa County’s Royal Namesake

Sheriff Joseph Bickley and the First Jail

Dabney Carr

Louisa County and the Virginia Convention of 1788

The Reverend L.J. Haley’s Diary (to be continued)

Louisa County Road Orders 1742-1748 Part 1

Louisa County Road Orders 1742-1748 Part 2

Land Patents of Louisa County (The process in Colonial Virginia)

Economy in Louisa County in the years 1765-1812 Part 1

Poor Deluded Wretches– The Slave Revolt of 1816

Louisa Railroad 

The Louisa Economy In The Years 1765-1812

A Revolutionary Tavern

Parson John Todd of Louisa County and his Family

Three Notch’d Road

Revolution in Louisa County

The Quakers and their Meeting Houses

Louisa County Two Centuries Ago – 1782

Louisa County a Century Ago – 1882

Thomas Jefferson Letter to WM Overton Callis

Mineral City Gold

Rough And Ready Iron Furnace 1836-1855

Rough and Ready Turnout 1838-1851

Louisa Telephone Co.Chartered 1898

The Louisa County Seal

(More to come…  and in you are are interested in this effort, contact us!))

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